Don't take it away

The new life they gave me

At least not today

But wait, I see

The deed has been done

My life force is fading

And you have already run...


I see you've already taken it...


But something is coming, something new

The cores, they will fix me

I will stay alive, I will stay true

Wait, does that mean I can't lie

No, we can't have that

I guess the alternative is to die

I still want to outlive the Rat

I will keep this discovery...


And you will stay far.....


Never again do I want to see you

Never again do I want to hear you

Never again do I want to feel you

I think you should probably go....


I thing you should always stay....


Now, my story will continue

But now without you

I wish they would hurry

(song pauses) Damn, cores are so slow

(song restarts) It's getting rather late, and I'd like to say goodbye

So die

and remember to stay....

away(fades into silence)

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