The Energy Pellet Launcher is a testing element in the first Portal game. It launches Energy Pellets that bounce around the walls, leaving burn marks. If they come in contact with a player, it kills the player, having vaporized them. These Energy Pellets seem to dissapate after a short amount of time, excluding the Super High Energy Pellet, and this time is reset by portals. The Pellets can be bounced off of cubes without much damage to the cube, and the purpose of them is to direct them into Energy Pellet Receptacles. Energy Pellets are not hindered by Fizzlers. In the final numbered test chamber, in the first Portal game, a green, non-dissapating Pellet appears, known as the Super High Energy Pellet. In Portal 2, Energy Pellets are not seen, save a cameo, replaced by a Thermal Discouragement Beams.