Machiavelli, known as Mac, is a Generation II core introduced in Portal 5. He was the first core of the 'Core Solution Project' that made it past the beta stages. As such, he was designated Core Solution One. Like all of the Solution Cores, he failed. As he was one of these cores, it was hard to give him one job, so he became sort of the jack-of-all-trades of Aperture. He is a smart core, and has a good sense of humor. Often, he is quick to anger, however, and is a strong believer in revenge. Oddly, he falls in love with Rose. He calls Chell Clone 2076 "Not-Chell", which may be a result of the small amount of defectiveness in the Solution Cores. He gains control of Aperture at the end of Portal 6, and shuts it down after Chell-2076 escapes, along with Rose, without telling them his plan beforehand, saving the facility from the remaining problems, though it is very widely believed that the facility will reactivate in Portal 12.

Voice Lines

Main Story

Upon Meeting Mac

Hey, who're you? I'm Machiavelli, but you can call me Mac. Are-are you Chell? Nah, you can't be Chell, Chell left....left.....a long time ago. Anyway, Not-Chell, a lot of stuff's gone down since the testing stopped.