This is the Style Guide for this wiki.

PFIW Style

Spoilers must be warned before the text.

Pages created by a user are owned by the user, and are not permitted to be edited by anyone else except admins, or unless the creator specifies that it is editable by other users, the creator gives special permission, or it is a canon page. Users are also allowed to edit for grammar/spelling, and categories.

Proper grammar must be upheld. The same goes for spelling.

Categorization is not optional, and must be done. If you have a question about this, please contact an admin.

No mature content.

Userpages are completely owned by a user, but Italicized and Bolded text cannot be added or removed, except by B-crats or admins. Users, sans admins and B-crats, cannot edit other's userpages. Mature content and cussing are also not allowed on userpages, but everything else is allowed, even spam.

No plagiarism, from in the wiki or out.

Voting posts can be requested by any user to an admin/B-crat, who can create voting posts at will.