Chell Clone 2076 -Start the game

Taylor -Get to Test Chamber 005

Doug Rattmann -Get to Test Chamber 036

Atlas 2.0 -Play the Cooperative Testing Initiative

P-Body 2.0 -Play the Cooperative Testing Initiative

Bendy -Play the Perpetual Testing Initiative


Morality Core(Body) -Buy for 2 USD

Curiosity Core(Body) -Buy for 2 USD

Fact Core(Body) -Buy for 4 USD


GaTIC -Annoy GaTIC 250 times

Space Core(Body) -Beat the game

Rick(Body) -Beat the game twice

Wheatley(Body) -Beat the game three times

Anger Core(Body) -Beat the Anger Chamber in under 2 minutes

Chell -Beat Portal 1 Mode

Personality Core(Body) -Find the hidden Personality Core(Body)

Battle Core(Body) -Destroy 500 Turrets

Intelligence Core(Body) -Beat Portal 1 mode 25 times

Limited Release-Unlocked

Companion Cube(Body)

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