Portal 6 is the sixth installment of the portal series.

Singleplayer Story

Picking up from where you left off in the last game, Portal 6 starts off in GLaDOS' chamber. Kyle awakens, takes control of GLaDOS, and kicks you out of the chamber. You lose the Portal Gun in the process. You fall down a shaft, then get sucked into a tube and finally end up in an empty chamber. You are issued a replacement Portal Gun, and a screen such as those used by Wheatley in his takeover of Aperture emerges from the wall, and Kyle speaks to you with a rather long and eloquent speech about crushing rebellion, and then the testing begins. The first chamber seems very orthodox, but after it is completed, Kyle goes on about how boring it is. The next chamber is very different. A heavy turret hangs from the ceiling, constantly firing. Several chambers must be completed with this hazard, using different ways to solve it. The next hazard is "Gel Bombs". These are bombs of gel that have a certain degree of stability. Several tests are solved in this manner before moving on. The third and final test in this span deals with colored lasers. Kyle expresses distaste at this mechanic, and stops it in fewer chambers than the other mechanics.