These are the rules for the wiki if anyone ever shows up. The higher the number, the less severe it is. Don't worry, some of these are bendable. Also see Rules/Promotion Requirements.

Level 1

  • Vandalism

Do NOT vandalise other's pages, your pages, or any page at all. Non-Portal page creation counts towards this.(Half-Life Fanon pages are to a certain extent creatable, but please keep the majority of the content Portal.)

Punishment: Warning, then 2 week block, then ban

  • Position Abuse

Includes unnecessary rollbacking, threats, kicks, bans, ect.

Punishment:Warning, then removal of position

  • Sockpuppets

Sockpuppets of banned users shall be destroyed.

Punishment: Ban of sockpuppet account, then ban of original account

Bad Links Links to pornography, obviously 18+ content, or others

Punishment: Instant ban

Level 2

  • Plagiarism

Do not copy info from other sources, ESPECIALLY other users.

Punishment: Warning, then 1 week block, then 2 week block, then ban

  • Removing or Adding Notices

Do not remove or add official notices from/to your profile page. Official notices look like this.

Punishment: Replacing/Removing the notice, and warning, then another warning, then 1 day block, then 3-day block, then 1-week block, then ban.

  • Insults

Do not insult anyone, especially staff

Punishment: Warning, then 2 week block OR punishment of the insulted user's choice if staff member was insulted

  • Threats

Do not threaten users.

Punishment: 3 day block, then 1 month block, then ban

  • Bad Grammar

Use Correct English

Punishment: Warning, then 3 day block if not fixed, then 1 week block if repeat offender, then ban

Exception: If user's first language is not English, the page will be fixed by another.

Level 3

  • Category Abuse

Use correct categories

Punishment: Warning, then 3 day block if not fixed, then 1 week block if repeat offender

  • Chat Spamming

Do not spam on chat

Punishment: Warning, then kick, then another kick, if the user often spams, then 1 week block

  • Chat Swearing

No words worse than "Crap," "Damn," or "Hell." (WTF is allowed) IFall users in chat do not consent.

Punishment: Warning, then kick, if the user often swears, then 1 week block.